Direct access to physical therapy is medical coverage under some insurance plans, that allows the insured person to make an appointment with a physical therapist, and allow the physical therapist to evaluate them and initiate treatment, without a referral from a licensed health care practitioner. It gives the patient the ability to be treated by 1 on 1 Physical Therapy in Asheville NC without gatekeeper approval, and this can benefit you in several ways:

Get Treatment Quickly

If you have to go through a physician, it can leave you in a great deal of pain for an extended amount of time before you’re able to get seen by a physical therapist. In fact, it may take several weeks or months for you to begin treatment, and pain management isn’t something that you should have to wait for. Patients who don’t get physical therapy in a timely manner are likely to turn to over-the-counter pain relievers.


You are able to save time and money with direct access to physical therapy. If you get the treatment that you need early, then you will be less likely to need injections, medications and imaging. You may also need fewer physical therapy sessions, and be recovered more quickly.

Higher Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Studies have shown that patients are happier with their results from physical therapy, when they get it through direct access. The treatments that people receive are essentially identical, however people are able to start feeling better faster.

Alternative Ways to Manage Pain

Opioids have been a popular treatment for pain for several years. However, because they come with the risk of addiction, the CDC recommends that people use alternative pain treatments. Physical therapy is an alternative treatment that has a high success rate especially when the patient is able to get in right away and begin treatment.