Every person, at some point in their lives will need physical therapy. For some, physical therapy is recommended after a sports injury. For others, it follows major hip, knee or ankle surgery. Still others may need therapy to manage chronic pain, that doesn’t seem to have a precipitating factor or cause.

Here we are going to look at the three common injuries for which therapy is generally prescribed. Each injury and the length of time needed in therapy is based on the severity of the injury and the damage to soft tissues. If you have experienced any of these three injuries, it is a good idea to seek a consult with a doctor and/or physical therapist as soon as possible.

Injuries to Joints and Muscles

There can be any number of causes for injuries to joints and muscles. You stepped into a gopher hole and twisted an ankle. You were in a jarring car accident. You suffer from tennis elbow or runner’s knee. Any of these qualifies as a joint and/or muscle damaging incident.

For many patients, the pain goes away over time and things will heal if patients are careful and give the injured body part rest. However, moderate to severe injuries require more than rest. They may require a brace or surgery followed by therapy for pain management and mobility.

Back Injuries

Basic body mechanics teaches you never to reach above your head or lift with your back. Yet millions of Americans every year will ignore these safety rules and do exactly what they aren’t supposed to do. The result is a pulled muscle in the back or a twisted muscle that continues to hurt long after it shouldn’t. The worst of the worst is a torn back muscle or ligament, or throwing your back out such that you can’t stand up straight.

Physical therapists see a lot of back injuries and attempt to treat them first with massage and slow and controlled exercises. Gradually, you will feel the pain ebb away and your back getting a little stronger. Finally, you should be able to stand up straight and not hurt when you move. Therapy can make you feel a lot better after a misstep with your back.

Sports Injuries

Sprain an ankle, jam a thumb, or dislocate a shoulder temporarily while engaging in athletics of some sort and you have sports injuries. These kinds of injuries can occur regardless of which sport you were playing. Even swimmers can injure their joints and muscles while in the water!

Professional athletes often have a physical therapist on their teams. If you are injured you can and should see a therapist too, especially if you want to continue being active and enjoying your favorite sports/exercises. Restoring your ability to participate in things like running without pain is what the therapist does.

If you find that you have enormous amounts of pain after receiving any of the above injuries, contact 1 on 1 Physical Therapy in Asheville NC for your physical therapy needs.