5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Physical Therapist For Fitness Over 50

Fitness Over 50

Physical fitness is key for everyone, no matter their age, and working out is one major way people attain it. However, the exercises you do, and how you do them, could affect your fitness and cause injury. Physical therapists are not only there to help people who have been injured, but they also help in physical fitness, and preventing future injury. Some of the reasons you need one for your fitness over 50 include;

Establishing a Baseline

When you consult a physical therapist to help with your fitness journey, they will first assess you. That helps them determine your movement patterns, posture, range of motion, and strength. Those results help them come up with a physical therapy program that suits your needs and also creates a baseline for them to track your progress later.

Selecting The Exercises

Some of us exercise following routines we saw on the internet or in magazines. However, there are a lot of factors that determine the right exercises for you, like the number of sets and reps. Choosing the wrong exercises may not give you the results you need and may cause injury. Your physical therapy selects your exercise depending on your goals.

Also, since the physical therapist will examine you, they will identify any medical conditions you may have that might affect your fitness journey. Those may include cardiovascular disease, back injuries, or arthritis. Therefore, when developing a fitness program for you, they will consider exercises that accommodate those conditions.

Exercising Techniques & Volume

Choosing the right exercises is only half of the work as you have to know how to properly do them. Doing them wrong restricts movements to the power that your muscles can produce. It could also change the load on your ligaments, joints, and muscles, which could cause pain and injury. The physical therapist will advise you on the proper techniques for each exercise.

Volumes define how much work you do during a workout. If your volume is too much, especially when you start, you will suffer injuries and will not have the time to heal. Depending on the combination of exercises you have, your goal, and where you are in your fitness journey, your physical therapist will advise you on the right volume.

Tracking Progress And Preventing Injury

If you do the same amount of exercises for a long time, you are not progressing. To make progress, you have to change things up as you progress in your fitness journey. Your physical therapist will track your progress depending on where you are after a certain time compared to where you were when you started, then recommend the necessary changes in your workout.

If you are seeking physical fitness over 50, you have a high chance of getting injured in the process. Physical therapy sessions ensure that you have maximum supervision from your physical therapist to ensure you don’t get hurt. The therapist also has knowledge of pain management, which will help you heal after workout sessions, especially in the beginning. So, don’t waste money on medical treatments for things like knee pain—these are only temporary fixes.

Expert Guidance

When you consult a yoga instructor or personal trainer, they may give you the answers you want to hear to ensure that you keep seeking their services. However, physical therapists give you advice depending on their assessment of your health because they have nothing to lose or gain regardless of the types of exercises that work best for you.

To practice therapy, practitioners have to have a bachelor’s degree, undergo the right training, and obtain a license. That is unlike most cases in the fitness industry, which is not very well regulated. That means that a physical therapist has the right knowledge about the human body and movement, which assures the advice they give you will better help you achieve and maintain your fitness over 50.

About 1 On 1 Physical Therapy

Located in Asheville NC, 1 on 1 is a privately owned therapy center that is focused on each of their patients individually. Therefore, when you come in, we examine you and develop a program based on your needs. Your session could last up to an hour, and it involves the hands-on, one-on-one treatment, which can start as soon as 24 hours after you make your appointment.

We are focused on doing the best to get you back in action, which is why we are flexible, depending on your schedule. We are also in-network specialists with a lot of insurance companies.

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Skip the Doctor’s Referral: Easier Access to Physical Therapy for Asheville Residents

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