Given the current circumstances, stress is becoming increasingly difficult for us to manage. But here are some tried-and-true ways that help many people manage their stress on a daily basis.

Two Minutes of Deep Breathing

Two minutes of deep breathing activates your parasympathetic nervous system and elicits your limbic system, which helps with relaxation, fear/worry reduction, and stress processing.

Listening to or Singing to Music

When you listen to/sing to your favorite music, the pons and amygdala portions of your brain are active, which reduces anxiety, blood pressure, and enhances mental alertness.

Daily Walks/More Exercise

Physical activity, such as going for a stroll outside or doing your favorite activities, helps generate endogenous endorphins, which are proven to improve mood and reduce stress.

Improve Sleep Health

Lack of sleep is one of the most significant elements that both relieves and adds to stress. Sleep quality should always take precedence over quantity, and putting your sleep first can help you avoid unnecessary stress.

Perform Altruistic Acts

A lot of studies reveals how doing something good for others affects one’s emotions. We usually yearn for someone to do something nice for us, but I encourage you to try performing an unselfish act for someone else and observe how your mood improves.

Each strategy is used to help someone who is stressed, The more you do the more likely you are to lower your stress level.

So give them a try and discover which ones work best for you!