Chronic pain can disrupt normal life activities, especially when it is severe and happening frequently. Pain can be devastating, especially when it gets to a point where one can hardly do daily tasks without assistance. Besides physical therapy and medication, exercise can go a long way in ensuring that the pain subsides and eventually clears. Physical therapy is one of the most effective long term solutions to chronic pain. However, regular exercise in addition to your physical therapy sessions will give you the most optimal results. When exercise is utilized properly, it makes a great difference. Below are some of the best exercises to engage in if you suffer recurring pain.



1. Swimming


Swimming a great low impact pain management exercise. It is known to be effective when it comes to back and joint pain treatment. It works best for joints because the pressure put on joints during this activity is almost negligible because the body is buoyant in water. Besides being beneficial to the joints, it is also excellent for the back because it strengthens the muscles in the neck and back. When you swim regularly it can reduce spondylitis, and related pain.



2. Yoga


Yoga is a great activity to try when suffering from chronic pain. Regularly engaging in Yoga classes, can significantly enhance your breathing, flexibility, muscle strength and posture. Most Yoga poses focus on core strength which improve chronic pain.



3. Regular Stretches


This is one of the easiest ways to help reduce the pain that is persistent and recurring, and will be one of the things you learn during physical therapy sessions here at 1on1 Physical Therapy in Asheville NC. Stretches help to keep the body flexible, thus minimizing exercise-related injuries that could worsen the pain. It’s always recommended that you include stretches in your exercise routine.


You can combine stretches with extra physical therapy with our professionals. They will know the perfect stretching that could alleviate your particular condition and also the things to avoid during and after the session.


4. Regular Walks


If you are not in a position to work out in the gym or engage in physically most other exercises, then make a point of walking regularly. Schedule daily time to walk to calm your mind and improve your mood. Simple walks done daily can significantly boost your body’s energy as well. Neck, back, and joint pain are often alleviated by walking regularly. Being a low-impact aerobic exercise, you can get your heart rate up while bringing your stress level down. 


5. Core Toning Workout


These are exercises that involve muscle toning. Unfortunately, weight lighting may not be an option for you, however you can still strengthen your core with resistance exercises. Work with a physical therapist to determine what specific exercises will work for you. If you are suffering from back pain, consult with 1on1 Physical Therapy in Asheville NC before beginning any workout.


6. Pilates


Pilates is great, but one needs to be careful and never attempt these exercises without proper guidance from an expert. It may seem like simple movements at a glance, but is actually more complex than it seems, and requires proper professional guidance to yield optimal results. Nonetheless, it can be very beneficial to alleviate chronic pain.


7. Water Aerobics


These exercises are fun and put very little stress on your joints, therefore they can be perfect for patients who are recovering from injuries. It’s also an excellent exercise routine for patients who suffer with rheumatoid arthritis and most forms of chronic pain.