Video Transcript


Jeremy Ashburn: Hey, guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn, and I’ve got Dr. Ryan Fenton with me. And we’re at 1on1 Physical Therapy here in Asheville. How you doing, Ryan? 

Ryan Fenton:  Fantastic. How are you, Jeremy? 

Jeremy: I’m doing great. I just wanted to introduce you in this little video. Tell us about yourself and why you decided to get into physical therapy. 

Ryan: Well, I’ve always liked helping people, and exercising. And I got into physical therapy back in 1996 I started my career. And it’s hard to believe that almost 23 years later that I now have a doctorate and I have my own clinic. It’s been a dream come true.

Jeremy: Wow. And what … Now, did you work for other players on the way, on the-

Ryan: Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s where I learned what not to do.

Jeremy: Okay. 

Ryan: And that’s I opened 1on1 Physical Therapy. The best way to treat patients is individualized, one-on-one care so that you can have your complete focus on each individual, and be able to listen to each patient is I think what’s key, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Because I know that you’ve said preciously that you were working with some of the major companies and you saw that these physician-owned practices that really people weren’t getting individualized care.

Ryan: Absolutely. Physician-owned physical therapy practices makes our profession look bad, because you’re largely being treated by people who don’t even have a license. There’s research that shows that physician-owned physical therapy practices, you’re going to have an increased risk for surgery by going to one of those mills, if you will, or you’re treated with multiple patients at once. You are also going to have increased costs, whether it’s out of your own pocket or the insurance company cost as well. In fact, physician-owned physical therapy practices are banned in multiple states, as close as South Carolina.

Jeremy: Wow. That’s pretty amazing. The one-on-one care does make a huge difference. And that’s really part of your passion.

Ryan: Absolutely. That’s what you’ll here at 1on1 Physical Therapy is passion. Passion towards our profession, and compassion towards our patient care.

Jeremy: Definitely. Well, thanks for your time. And obviously, anyone can go to 1on1 PT Asheville, or call you at 828-785-8388. And then you also provide a free consultation.

Ryan: Free consultations. Again, it’s The number is 828-785-8388. Give us a call.

Jeremy: Thanks a lot for your time.

Ryan: Thank you.