How Do Prescription Discount Cards Work?

Medications Can Be Expensive

Medications and prescriptions can be expensive even when they are covered by insurance. Without insurance, the cost can be astronomical and unaffordable for some physical therapy patients, preventing them from fully accessing the healthcare that can improve their lives.

Prescription Discounts

Thankfully, there are remedies for this issue. Prescription discount cards for important medications are available, so even uninsured patients can receive the medications they need.

Pain Management

Here at 1 on 1 Physical Therapy in Asheville NC, we understand that sometimes medication needs to be used in combination with physical therapy to manage pain.

How Do Prescription Discount Cards Work

In between your health insurance and pharmaceutical drug companies are pharmacy benefit managers who work for both you and the pharmaceutical companies. They are more flexible with pricing, making them accessible to low-income families or patients with high health insurance deductibles. After all, if drug prices were too expensive, the pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t make any money, and patients suffering from pain wouldn’t experience any relief.

When you use a prescription discount card, you bypass your health insurance (if you have it) and pay for the medication out of pocket. Sometimes, even if you have health insurance, the discounted price could be cheaper than your copay.

What Are the Best Prescription Discount Cards


GoodRx is the highest-rated prescription discount card available. GoodRx covers the vast majority of medications that the FDA approves for people, as well as some medications for pets and special assistance for those covered under Medicare D.

Optum Perks

Optum Perks works with OptumRx to cover patients who can’t afford medications on their own. There’s no sign-up fee or membership requirements. Just pull Optum Perks up on your phone and show the discount code to the pharmacist. These coupons are valid at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid.


SingleCare requires account registration, with parents including children under 18 on their accounts. Since SingleCare is a smaller company, you should check on their website to see if they participate at your local pharmacy. Their discounts are great, with some adding up to 80% off. SingleCare also offers a bonus savings program that will help you save on future prescriptions.

ScriptSave WellRx

ScriptSave WellRx is another free program that covers the US, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Using ScriptSave will generally save you about 60% on your prescriptions.

Blink Health

Blink Health is exclusive to US residents. They’re a smaller network, only covering about 15,000 medications, but they offer a unique service: home delivery. They also have their own online pharmacy, where your doctor will need to send your prescriptions directly. Blink Health also has its own network of doctors who can prescribe medication.

The prescription discount cards mentioned in this article are verified ways to save money on your prescription costs. Please be aware of companies that might try to scam you and steal your information instead of helping you.

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