With surgery on the horizon, the thought of returning to your former self can seem like a far-off pipe dream. However, when patients implement preparatory measures and habits that facilitate the healing process, their post-surgery life often flourishes. If you or a loved one are preparing for an extensive surgical procedure in the following days or weeks, here’s what you need to know.

Pre and Post Physical Therapy

As the old saying goes, “a good offensive is an effective defense.” With that quote in mind, the best time to prepare for post surgical pain is during the months and weeks before the surgical date.

Although your range of motion and pain threshold may hold you back from compound movements or intense workout regimens, make an effort to exercise the muscles and ligaments in the area. By doing this, you can strengthen the stabilization connection within the area to alleviate post surgical pain and discomfort.

The goal behind the preparatory exercise is to provide much-needed pain management once your surgery has concluded. Anyone that has utilized pain medications or anti-inflammatory solutions knows how tricky the situation can be.

By thinking ahead and getting our body in tip-top shape before going into surgery, we reduce the need for strong pain medications and treatments. When we combine this approach with hydration, adequate rest and hot-and-cold packs, recovery can flow smoothly!

Let Us Assist You With Physical Therapy and Self-Care

If you’re still on the fence about going through surgery or need an optimal path for recovery, scheduling a 1 on 1 physical therapy consultation in Asheville NC is your best option. Our highly-trained physical therapists and doctors work around the clock to ensure our patients regain their strength and stamina within a few sessions. When working with us, you can expect:

  • A personable treatment experience

  • Custom frameworks for your unique circumstances

  • Easy-to-perform movements and exercises

  • Joint mobilization

  • Pressure-point work

  • Therapeutic regimens

  • Dry-needling acupuncture

  • Increased limb and core mobility

  • Improved balance and endurance


For patients who want to live their best life after their surgery has concluded, we’re waiting to hear from you. Never take your health or your ability to move through life for granted. Our doctors and therapists are eagerly waiting to assist you on the road to recovery. Book online today!