Should older adults walk regularly?

Many individuals in their late age assume that because they are old, it is time to relax and avoid physical activity. However, that can cause more harm than good to your mobility overtime. Prior research has revealed that exercising regularly can actually help improve memory and reverse any muscle issues an older person may be experiencing. In the research, there were more than 1,600 individuals who were aged 70-89. These individuals had muscle and movement restrictions but could walk a quarter of a mile in about 15 minutes by themselves or with a cane. In this study, 50 percent of the participants were given stretching exercises. The other 50 percent were told to practice cardio, and flexibility exercises. All of the participants needed to do the exercises in their home. In this study, the participants were followed for almost 3 years. They found that the 50% of individuals who practiced cardio had better results than the participants who only received the education and stretching program.

How much should you workout?

The program given to the participants followed the recommendations for adults; 150 minutes of moderate movement, and 75 minutes of high intensity workouts every week. However, most people living in the United Stated do not workout half as much as the recommended amount. Older people avoid exercising at higher rates.

How to enhance your mobility as you age

Cardinal, from the previous research, stated that it is essential for older adults to walk more than they already do. They need to realize that exercising can significantly progress and improve the quality of their lives by enhancing and using their movement ability for as long as possible. Cardinal stated that many older adults believe that as you age, you should relax and avoid physical movement. They believe that if they workout and move a lot, it could be dangerous. However, they can always only do the minimum amount recommended if meeting the minimum requirements is reachable for their capabilities. Always consult your physician before starting to workout to ensure that you do not work too hard to quick and cause harm. The study participants were told to start slow and as time goes by, they can increase the intensity of their workouts so that their bodies adjust. Some of the participants were able to get rid of their canes after only six months of working out.

Physical therapy and how it can help you start

In addition, physical therapy can help you become more mobile to enhance your strength and physical endurance. Including workouts in your daily routine is just as important as including medication. Starting in small doses is the best thing you can do for your body. In situations where mobility is an issue, try physical therapy before trying medication. Working out can reverse many problems, while medications only prolong it and hurt you in the long run in most cases. Medical professionals are now teaching medical students to start preparing to prescribe workouts as efficiently as they prescribe medications daily for their patients. Doctors should be able to address inactivity as any other health risk. working out recommendations should be included in any treatment plan considering mobility issues.

There are also some basic interactive tactics you can start implementing to get started on a new exercise plan to help you better yourself and improve your mobility no matter your age. Some things you can implement are walking for 15 minutes a day and increasing that to 30 minutes a day until you are able to reach the recommendations for your age when it comes to walking per day. In addition to walking, you can erase the mindset of limiting exercise for older adults. Older adults need exercise just as any other adult; older adults may need it more.

While rest is important from all this exercise, there can be some repercussions. For an interesting read, check this out about bed rest in hospitals.