Take Aging into Your Own Hands




Many of the health problems that are related to the aging process can be staved off with the right type of physical activity, helping people to live their lives to the fullest. The physical therapists at 1 on 1 Physical Therapy are movement experts. They want to help Asheville NC residents to optimize the quality of their life with the right amount of physical activity, patient education, and hands-on care. The following are a few things physical therapists want people to know in order to help them age well.

Aging and Chronic Pain Don’t Have To Rule Your Life

In 2016, the CDC estimated that just over 20 percent of American adults experienced chronic pain. This means fewer days at work, lost wages, and increased medical costs. When physical therapists work closely with patients who experience chronic pain, they can help them to ease that pain and improve the quality of their life. They use pain management treatment plans, and supervised exercise routines to help patients regain control of their body.

Aging Can Equal Getting Stronger

With the right exercise program, individuals who are in their 60’s, 70’s and older, can improve the condition of their bodies. With the right exercise program, they can strengthen their muscles and improve overall physical function. One method that has proven to be especially helpful when it comes to fighting frailty, is progressive resistance training. 

Lower Back Pain May Not Require Drugs or Surgery

Medical professionals often use medication and surgery, to treat lower back pain. However, there is a wealth of scientific evidence that shows how effective physical therapy can be, and it comes with significantly fewer risks.

Exercise Can Prevent Diabetes or Lower Your Risk

Lack of physical activity and obesity can put a person at risk for diabetes. It is estimated that around 30 million Americans have this disease. When it comes to type II diabetes, the best way to prevent and even manage the disease is to engage in the right type of physical activity, on a regular basis.

Maintain Your Independence with a Strong Body

While statistics show that around one in four older Americans fall each year, this does not mean that falls are part of the aging process. When working with a physical therapist, an individualized prevention program will be drawn up in order to help you reduce your risk of falling. Balance training and exercises designed to prevent falls, can help you maintain a strong body and keep your independence.

Keep Your Bones Strong

Engaging in exercises like dancing, jogging, walking, and weightlifting can help you to maintain strong bones and prevent bone loss. Osteoporosis can cause your bones to become weak. It affects around half of the residents in United States, who are over the age of 50.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

Research has proven that engaging in physical activity can help prevent cardiovascular disease. This is one of the main causes of death in the United States.

Maintain Healthy Brain Function

Alzheimer’s and memory loss are common among individuals who are over the age of 85, affecting 40 percent of Americans in this age group. Exercising regularly can help prevent memory issues, and keep a person’s brain functioning well.

Don’t Get Used To Bladder Leakage

This is another problem that should not simply be accepted, as part of the normal aging process. Physical therapy can help men and women who are dealing with this problem.


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