Video Transcription

Jeremy: Hey, guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn, and I’ve got Dr. Ryan Fenton with me. We’re at 1-on-1 Physical Therapy in Asheville. Today, we’re talking about some of your specialties that you work on.


Jeremy: So, tell us about therapeutic exercise, and how does that work?

Ryan: Well, therapeutic exercise is necessary to maintain any gains that we achieve by the various hands-on techniques that we do here at 1-on-1 Physical Therapy. If you don’t incorporate exercise after the manual techniques that we do, then you’re not going to maintain the range of motion or gain increased strength, which you need to do in order to stay better, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Definitely. Obviously, it makes a huge difference if they’re not getting physical exercise. A lot of times, you hear about people that are going to a physical therapist, but they’re not doing exercises. So, what happens if they’re not doing exercises?

Ryan: Well, they’re just going to stiffen back up again. They’re not going to maintain the strength that they need, whether it’s to sit at a computer, to maintain good posture, or whether it’s getting back to some sort of an athletic aspect to their lives.

Jeremy: Definitely. I know you provide a free consultation. They could call you or come into the office and meet with you.

Ryan: That’s right. You can call us anytime, seven days a week. 828-785-8388. Or, look us up on the website at That’s the number

Jeremy: Thanks for your time.

Ryan: Thank you.