There are many root causes of chronic physical pain. However some of the common myths about chronic pain can be confusing. To deal with pain management effectively, you need to untangle these myths and to get the truth, then find the root of your chronic pain and address it.


Some of the most common myths, include the following concepts: 


A Scan will Determine the Cause of My Pain


CTs and MRIs might help diagnose the cause of your pain, but many people have issues that won’t be revealed by a scan. Sometimes these scans can help your doctor discover the cause of your pain, but not always. It’s important that your doctor get to the root of the problem to successfully treat you over the long term, and that may only be found in a thorough physical exam done, by a licensed physical therapist. 


If My Body Hurts, I’m Doing Damage To It


The amount of pain you experience may or may not indicate the level of damage occurring to your body. While pain levels can sometimes mean that damage is being done, you can’t determine the amount of damage done by pain levels alone. But no matter what is causing your pain, or the amount of damage that has been done to your body, there’s hope. There’s a high chance that having the right physical therapist can relieve that discomfort, lessen or even eliminate your pain, and help your body work better.


Lifting & Bending Will Make My Lower Back Pain Worse


If you lift and bend correctly and you’re not injured, your lower back shouldn’t hurt. A competent physical therapist should give you a thorough exam to determine if there is injury, then implement appropriate physical therapy to align your back, and strengthen core muscles. Your physical therapist can also show you how to lift and bend properly, to help you heal more quickly and prevent future injuries. 


If I’m Hurt, I Should Stay In Bed


Often times, being sedentary will only make your pain levels worsen. When you get up, stretch and move, you loosen your muscles and have less pain. A physical therapist can assist you in learning to stretch and move effectively, leading to significantly less pain than you currently have.


Only Strong Pain Killers, Especially Opioids, Can Effectively Manage My Pain


While taking prescription pain killers may relieve your discomfort temporarily, they don’t get to the root of the problem. Until you fix what’s ailing you, pain will continue and most likely get worse over time. The proper exercises and other forms of physical therapy can assist you in getting better. In addition opioids are incredibly addictive, so you want to avoid using them if at all possible.


Surgery Is My Only Chance To Get Better


Doctors recommend physical therapy as the first line of defense, for treatment of chronic pain. 1 on 1 physical therapy has prevented many people, from having to have surgery.


There’s Nothing I Can Do About My Limited Range Of Motion, & Physical Pain


A skilled physical therapist can turn a person’s life around, giving them fantastic improvement in the way they feel.


Many of the doctors in Asheville NC recommend using a physical therapist, to treat their patients with chronic pain issues. Talk to your physical therapist today for more information. Start your treatment plan today, and get on the road to a complete recovery from pain.