Top 10 Pool Exercises

For those going through physical therapy, utilizing pool exercises is a great way to rehab injured areas. It offers the ability to perform a variety of movements without the added stress of gravity on the joint. At 1 on 1 Physical Therapy in Asheville NC, pool therapy is recommended to enhance the physical therapy and assist with pain management. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 pool exercises that benefit the rehabilitation process.

Try These Pool Exercises

Water Walking or Jogging

Walk forward for 10-20 steps and then backward for 10-20 steps. Increase difficulty by walking faster, working up to jogging in place for 30 seconds.

Forward and Side Lunges

Take an oversized step forward without letting the knee of the front leg go past the toes, and then return to the standing position. For side lunges, take an oversized step to one side and return to standing.

One Leg Balance

Stand on one leg while raising the other leg up to near hip level, and place a noodle under the raised leg. Hold balance for up to 30 seconds.


While facing the wall, step sideways in the pool for 10-20 steps one way and then return the opposite way.

Hip Kickers at Pool Wall

Stand with the wall to one side, extend the knee out in a kicking motion and then return to a neutral position. Then, move the same leg to the the side and return back to the starting position. Finish by extending the leg back and then return to start. Switch to opposite leg after completing set and repetitions.

Pool Planks

Lean forward while holding a noodle with elbows rested on top of the noodle in a plank position and feet on the floor and hold position for up to 60 seconds.

Deep Water Bicycle

Use two pool noodles to help float in deep water and move legs in a pedaling motion like riding a bike.

Arm Raises

With arm paddles or gloves, start with arms at side with the elbows bent to 90 degrees. Lift arms toward water surface and then return to starting position while keeping elbows bent.

Push Ups

With arms on the side of the pool, perform wall push up in the water and return to starting position. Increase difficulty by pushing body up about halfway out of the water.

Standing Knee Lifts

Standing next to the wall, lift one leg up even with hip. Straighten knee out completely and then bend back to starting position. Repeat for desired set amount and switch legs.

Contacting Us

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Individual course of therapy will vary from patient to patient depending upon several factors, including age, health, physical condition and the injury’s severity. However, a physical therapist can tailor an exercise protocol most befitting of your physical abilities and recovery needs. 

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