Migraine headaches (MH) are a specific type of headache that affect approximately 15% of the world’s population and are caused by environmental and genetic factors. Physicians use a mnemonic system called POUND to differentiate MH from other types of primary headaches:

  • P – Is the headache pulsatile in nature?

  • O – Is the duration between 4-72 hours?

  • U – Is the location unilateral?

  • N – Is there associated nausea or vomiting?

  • D – Is the intensity of the headache disabling?

Treatment and Pain Management

MH can be treated using different clinical pathways. Typically, they are managed with a medication called amitriptyline. However, this drug has its share of side effects. Thus, physicians and their patients may utilize physical therapy for a more holistic treatment approach.

Physical Therapy for MH

Physical therapy can be very effective, particularly in the treatment of cervicogenic headaches which have POUND-like symptoms. A physical therapist will recommend two simple treatments that have been tested in randomized control trials and have received a Level II in evidence ratings(Goncalve, et al.).

  1. Have patient increase water intake by 1.5 liters per day (Spigt, et al.).
  2. Have patient take 2-3 mg of slow release melatonin at night before bed (Lyon, Langer).

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You could also consider your diet because certain foods are known to trigger migraines. References:

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