What Is Sports Physical Therapy?

Sports physical therapy is a recognized physical therapy that focuses on treating the repetitive and chronic injuries that athletes commonly suffer. The physical therapist will evaluate the injury and come up with a treatment plan. They can also help prevent future injuries.

Many patients get sports physical therapy instead of surgery. They may also get it post surgery in order to speed up the recovery process.

Types of treatments available are:

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a hands-on treatment. The physical therapist will use a variety of treatments to facilitate functional control and movement.

Therapeutic Exercise

There are several types of therapeutic exercise that a physical therapist can use. They can help the person perform resistance exercise to help strengthen the muscles. They can also have the person perform exercises that improve range of motion.

Heat, Ice, Electrical Stimulation And Taping Techniques

These modalities are great for pain management. They can also help improve range of motion and speed up the healing process.

Functional Training

Every sport requires dynamic stability, flexibility, movement patterns and specialized balance. Functional training involves using exercises that are specific to one’s sport. For example, if a person is a football player, then the physical therapist can have them do exercises that help with throwing and catching. If a person is a basketball player, then the physical therapist can have them do exercises that help with jumping and shuffling.

Endurance Training And Dynamic Strength

Most sports require balance, endurance and short periods of intense exercise. During the later sessions of therapy, the physical therapist can have one perform exercises that are close to the ones that they do when they play their sport.


Physical therapists are trained to help athletes prevent injuries. They will evaluate the person and give advice on what type of equipment they should be using. Additionally, they can design a conditioning program for the athletes. This all helps with longevity and physical wellness, and you could be like Julia Hawkins.

If you’ve injured your back, joints, or something specific like hamstrings, consider physical therapy. We can provide targeted treatment plans for you.

If you live in Asheville NC and are interested in working with a physical therapist, then you can contact 1 on 1 Physical Therapy.

Skip the Doctor’s Referral: Easier Access to Physical Therapy for Asheville Residents

Skip the Doctor’s Referral: Easier Access to Physical Therapy for Asheville Residents

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