Why Being Active Helps with COVID-19

Physical Activity Helps with COVID-19

It is important during these difficult times to do some form of exercise. This is a free and easy way to increase your physical and mental health. It could also be a time to attempt doing a new type of exercise activity – especially now, as being active helps with COVID-19.

Less Exercise

You may be a person who is now studying or working from home. You may also not be currently working. This will cause a significant decrease in your incidental exercise. It is the exercise you get from commuting to and from a university, office or other work environment and more. Should you be the type of individual who enjoys being active with a group, your favorite pursuits such as team sports or gym classes are not an option at this time. All of this can lead to an increase in higher-than-usual anxiety levels. You find yourself understanding how physical activity could be a big help right now.

Physical Activity

This will help your mind and body. There are some key ways it helps.

  • Regular physical activity is an excellent way to keep your immune system healthy.

  • Exercise will release certain chemicals in your brain. These are such things as endorphins and serotonin. They are great for your mood.

  • Exercising is an excellent way to help with weight management. When you exercise regularly, you’ll also feel like eating a healthier diet.

  • Doing this will result in you having better sleep. It will also cause you to have more energy.

  • Regular exercise is a way you can decrease your chances of developing serious health issues. These include stroke, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and more.

  • Physical activity is a way you can ease the tightness in your neck and shoulders. This is something that often develops when you experience anxiety and stress.

  • Regular physical activity is a good way for you to feel as if you have achieved something.

New To Exercising

It is possible you are new to exercising. You could also have a feeling of being lost because you are not able to engage in your usual method for staying fit. There are some things you may want to consider.

Going Solo Outside

It is possible to get good exercise by cycling, running or even walking. They are excellent solo activities and safe. It is important to only do these if you are feeling well and have not been asked to self-isolate. The best time for this type of activity is in the early morning or later in the day. Try to avoid parks with a lot of foot traffic and streets. This will minimize your risk of accident or injury. Take proper hand sanitizer and stay the proper distance away from other people. Immediately wash your hands when you go back indoors.

Online Workout

There are quite a few workouts available on YouTube. There are also many free exercise videos made to meet everyone’s fitness level and size of their workout space. This includes everything from high intensity interval training (HIIT) to Pilates and more.


It is possible you are someone who does not like a structured exercise routine. This means you may enjoy being creative and making your own type of workout. Instead of weights, some people use household items. This could be jars or cans of food or filled water bottles and more. It’s also possible to run in place for 30 second intervals. It’s possible to do push ups, star jumps, sit ups, planks, burpees and more. The goal is always to get your heart rate moving a little faster.

If someone is new to exercise, they may want to start small. Do yoga for ten minutes or walk for a short time and then start building. Even if you do just 10 minutes of movement daily, it will help your body and mind feel better. This is something that should also be encouraged for loved ones to do as well. If you don’t feel well, it is essential you follow the advice of your healthcare professional. This is a time when practicing health and safety is important for you and those around you.

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