Eric Chaconas is a fellow physical therapist. He explains that over the past 30 years, the field of physical therapy has grown dramatically. The field has evolved from only providing a Master’s level program to a Doctorate level program. To become a physical therapist, one has to go through seven years of school in the field of rehabilitation.


“The body is designed to heal itself,” Eric explains. “Through education, physical therapy, and exercise, you can get better.”


Eric believes that the body isn’t meant to be cut open to get better. You don’t need to take prescriptions to solve every problem.


There’s plenty of data and studies that prove that outcomes are better, that the body gets better, when you see a physical therapist first.


Did you know that the cost of seeing a physical therapist for 2 months is the same as getting an MRI?


Body’s can heal. Physical therapists facilitate healing.


Why Physical Therapy First?


So, why is Physical Therapy important? Here’s a quick list of why you should get physical therapy first.

1. Feel better, sooner

2. Save money

3. Get back to the things you love